Who We Are

Carbon Partnership Facility at a Glance

The Carbon Partnership Facility (CPF) was established in 2009 as a partnership of buyers and sellers of carbon credits, with around $130 million under management. The CPF employs scaled-up, programmatic approaches to enable carbon finance to support partner country initiatives to move toward low-carbon economies. The CPF brings together industrial country buyers and developing country sellers of emission reductions, as well as developing and donor country governments. The partnership promotes shared decision-making and opportunities for sharing carbon finance experience and knowledge. The CPF facilitates development of emission reduction programs and creation of carbon assets across an array of sectors and technologies—including energy generation and distribution, transport, and waste management—in situations where governments need policy measures or investments.

Balanced Partnership

The CPF is a partnership of Buyer and Seller Participants, including Donors and Host Country Partners. The Partnership Committee comprises an equal number of Buyers and Sellers and makes decisions on key policies. All participants are entitled to attend and participate in Partnership Committee meetings.


Carbon Fund

The Carbon Fund holds funds for emission reduction payments only and consists of tranches, each with a discrete set of Buyer Participants and portfolio selection criteria. The fund provides carbon finance to several key sectors including power, energy efficiency, waste, transport, and thematic/crosscutting programs.

Carbon Asset Development Fund

The Carbon Asset Development Fund covers all facility costs for emission reduction program preparation and supervision. Specifically, it provides funds for:

  • Methodology work
  • Emission reduction program identification and development
  • Project design document and monitoring plan preparation
  • Capacity building for program coordinating entities

Direct preparation grants for Sellers and Host Countries are funded by:

  • Charge from Buyers due upon signing of Participation Agreement
  • Donor contributions of minimum €2 million per donor

The Carbon Partnership Facility (CPF) brings together buyers and sellers of carbon credits, with the goal of enabling  carbon finance to support low-carbon development in developing countries.