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CPF Partnership Memorandum of Understanding PDF icon CPF_Info_Memo_Part_V_Partnership_MoU_09.16.08_Final_0.pdf
CPF POA ERPA General Conditions (clean) PDF icon CPF POA ERPA - General Conditions clean (7.15.11).pdf
CPF POA ERPA General Conditions (with track changes) PDF icon CPF POA ERPA - General Conditions (7.15.11).pdf
CPF POA ERPA Template (Clean) PDF icon CPF POA ERPA clean (7.15.11).pdf
CPF POA ERPA Template (with track changes) PDF icon CPF POA ERPA (7.15.11).pdf
CPF Pricing Approach
CPF Seller Letter PDF icon CPF_Seller_Letter_9.19.08_final_0.pdf
CPF Seller Participation Agreement PDF icon Seller_PA_6_23_2010_0.pdf
Operation of the Facility
Organizational structure and design features PDF icon Updated_Organizational_structure_and_design_features.pdf
PoA - Developing CDM Programmes of Activities: A Guidebook PDF icon PoA_Guidebook_SouthPole.pdf
PoA BLUEPRINT BOOK - Guidebook for PoA coordinators under CDM/J PDF icon PoA_blueprint_book.pdf
Scaling up Investment in Climate Change Mitigation Activities: Interface with the CPF PDF icon Scaling_up_investment_in_Climate_mitigation_and_CPF.pdf
Supporting Energy Pricing Reform and Carbon Pricing Policies Through Crediting PDF icon Supporting_Energy_Pricing-Reform_Carbon_Pricing_Through_Crediting_March_2016.pdf
The Handbook for Programme of Activities - Practical Guidance to Successful Implementation PDF icon the_handbook_for_programmes_of_activities_practical_guidance_to_successful_implementation.pdf
Welcome Note from the Chair of the Carbon Partnership Facility PDF icon Letter_from_Chair_for_website.pdf
World Bank ERPAs-Brief overview Office presentation icon carr_cologne_ERPA_overview_5_11_06.ppt