Carbon Partnership Facility Knowledge Exchange Program Training on CDM Operations Plans and Sub-ERPA Contracting


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Knowledge Exchange and Training Program for Seller Participants- April 1-3, 2014

Between April 1 and 3, 2014, the Carbon Partnership Facility (CPF) hosted a knowledge exchange and training program for Seller Participants from the various CPF programs. The training was aimed at strengthening CME capabilities to prepare and implement their Programs including: (i) an overview of the CDM Operations  Plan; (ii)  CPA inclusion; (iii) data monitoring, preparation of monitoring reports and verification; (iv) legal issues between ERPAs and sub ERPAs; (v) commercial aspects of bringing CPAs/sub-ERPAs on board programs; and (vi) creating the management system and infrastructure to manage ERPAs and sub-ERPAs.

Attached is the agenda and the presentations.

  1. Day 1, 9h45. 1st presentation, Objectives and description of the CDM Operations Plan referencing Vietnam
  2. Day 1, 9h45. 2nd presentation, Overview of CDM Ops Plan, waste management
  3. Day 1, 11h30. 1st presenation, Overview of CPA Inclusion Process
  4. Day 1, 11h30. 2nd presentation, Overview of CPA preparation and inclusion Bangladesh Programs
  5. Day 2, 9h00. 1st presentation, Overview of Program and CPA level monitoring and monitoring reports
  6. Day 2, 9h00.  2nd presentation, Overview of Program and CPA level monitoring, Egypt taxis
  7. Day 2, 11h15. 1st presentation, Monitoring and Verification waste sector
  8. Day 3, 9h45, 1st presentation, Legal relationship between Sub ERPAs and ERPA
  9. Day 3, 9h45, 2nd presentation, Key commercial aspects of sub-ERPAs